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Healthinfinit’s Digital Healthcare Ecosystem (DHE) focusses on Health 360° by addressing all aspects of healthcare right from disorder correction, prevention and education.

DHE provides healthcare services to a range of partners spread across various domains.

As unique and diverse as our partners, we understand the needs of our partners and deliver curated and customized healthcare services across all our businesses.

Our Business Offerings

For Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals

For Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals

Healthinfint’s cloud powered Suite for doctors offer a range of technology and resources products for individual doctors ,small clinics and hospitals to help scale up their business portfolio and enhance comprehensive patient care.

  • Virtualized referral management solutions -VRMS
  • Comprehensive wellness solutions for doctors
  • Virtualized care engagement
  • Managed wellness programs

For Schools, Colleges and Institutions

For Schools, Colleges and Institutions

ETH (education-training-healthcare) platform

Healthinfinit ETH application is a plug and play platform that can be connected to the existing infrastructure of any institution to help deliver hyper personalized, need based EDUCATION, TRAINING & HEALTHCARE solutions for its students.

  • Webinars and awareness drives
  • Dietary Consultations
  • Yoga and Fitness Sessions
  • Regular Health Check-ups

For Corporates

For Corporates

Managed wellness programs for Corporates.

  • Arika programs
  • Umika programs
  • On demand wellness programs

For Wellness partners

For Wellness partners

Augmented Wellness Platform

Healthinfinit's Augmented wellness platform is first of its kind, a robust enterprise grade technology platform designed exclusively for wellness specialists like counselors,dieticians,physical trainers etc. This helps to collaborate laterally with their peers and vertically with medical specialists to provide comprehensive care to their clients and to help scale up their wellness offerings.

SAAS products for businesses

SAAS products for businesses
  • 1. Premium
  • 2. Enterprise

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