Virtualized care engagement

Deliver individualized telehealth that maximizes the efficiency of your patient care and creates a positive health impact for your patients.

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Virtualized care engagement , a platform for tele consult. Virtualize and Simplify patient care with Healthinfinit's Virtualized Health Cloud. We deliver individualized telehealth that maximizes the efficiency of your patient care and creates a positive health impact for your patients.

Virtualized Care Engagement

Benefits of Virtualized Care Engagement

Now facilitate virtual care coordination, integrated outreach and remote care management with Healthinfinit’s Virtualized Telehealth. The fastest way to connect to your patient remotly and in real time.

Conduct seamless telehealth consultation with your patients with Healthinfinit’s Telecare solution. Augment your virtual care workflow with the next-gen delivery capabilities combined with established telemedical technology.

Customized and Branded Web application frontage.
Dynamic Patient Teleconsultation and review.
Maintain continuity of chronic care management.
Curated dashboards for entire team and connected staff.
HIPAA compliant EHR systems.
Anywhere access to all EHR, case notes, investigations.
Recommend tests online with a touch of a button.
Reduce personal visits.
Coordinate blood works and tests for patients via our diagnostic partners.

Key Features of Virtualized care engagement

Customized Digital Access
  • With Healthinfinit’s powerful yet flexible cloud based Telehealth consultation, you can now have a customized digital access(CDA) to your telehealth application along with your custom branding and identification.
  • Your patients can now access your telehealth application right from your official website, blog site or any web platform.
  • The CDA can now be used for patient registration, consent management, appointment booking and more.
Secure Communications
  • Now communicate with patients in a secure environment on HIPPA compliant digital infrastructure.
  • PCP can use a combination of video calls, audio calls and chats with screen and file-sharing capabilities.
Curated dashboards for Physician and Patients
  • Now patients and PCP can access all the relevant EHR and treatment information from their personalized dashboard.
  • Patients can book appointments and schedule them as per his/her convenience and the availability of the PCP.
  • PCP can now facilitate patient triage and coordinate virtual care based on immediate need .
Patient Centered care & Analytics dashboard
  • Improve patient care by facilitating patient to schedule teleconsultation appointments, set reminders easily and read personalized content.
  • Track and manage patient care efficiency and progress with our care analytics dashboard.
  • Launch telemedicine solutions on desktops, tabs or mobile phones to enable remote consultations and analytics.
Dynamic Healthcare partner Support
  • With Healthinfinit's virtualized care platform, you can leverage the power of diagnostics alliance partners for home based collections of blood tests.
  • As a PCP you can now prescribe test for your patients, which can be seamlessly facilitated by our diagnostic partner via collecting infrastructure.
  • Result will be updated from their end which will be accessible to your real time.
Enterprise grade document viewer
  • Keep all Patient data and image files in your network secure with Healthinfinit’s premier zero-footprint enterprise viewer.
  • Our Vendor-neutral, zero-footprint enterprise viewer connects with the existing patients records and provides seamless, storage accessibility and sharing of clinical data.

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