Virtualized referral management solutions

Helps medical specialists to collaborate with lateral specialties to enhance patient care and help achieve improved treatment outcomes.

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Healthinfinit's -VRMS is a powerful virtualized Suite that helps medical specialists to seamlessly collaborate with lateral specialists across various medical specialities and provide targetted and specialized patient care.

Referral engagement network

Virtualized Referral Management Solutions

Healthinfinit's cutting edge cloud powered solutions are designed to achieve seamless referral workflow, and selective data apportionments within partner specialists and networks.

Enhance patients care and engagement loyalty by executing lateral referrals via our proprietary REN(Referral engagement network) that has been carefully curated to engage with a specialist network.

Increased patient loyalty by scheduling executing referrals through effective workflow. Keep patients engaged and informed through open communication.

Customized and Branded Web application frontage.
Dynamic Patient Teleconsultation and review.
Maintain continuity of chronic care management.
Curated dashboards for entire team and connected staff.
HIPAA compliant EHR systems.
Anywhere access to all EHR, case notes, investigations.
Recommend tests online with a touch of a button.
Reduce personal visits.
Coordinate blood works and tests for patients via our diagnostic partners.

Key Features of Referral Management Solutions

Leveraging the Power of Specialist network
  • Healthinfinit's Referral Engagement Network empowers Primary Consulting Physicians to find out and connect with the best provider in the system.
  • Primary Consulting Physicians(PCP) can improve care outcomes by choosing the right addon specialist as per patient needs.
  • With VRMS, Primary Consulting Physicians can now create and organize their own Virtualized Preferred Specialist Networks (VPSN).
  • Healthinfinit’s VRMS ensure the provision of the highest-quality of care throughout the curated referral network of specialist and seamless sharing of clinical information such as notes and test results.
Dynamic Continued Care

Ensure care continuity via dynamic referral workflows and efficient communication channels via CWC that helps patients be informed and engaged with dynamic updates

  • via the VRMS both the PCP and the patient can choose to add any lateral care referrals as per need or medical advice.
  • all the referral appointments are carried out based on availability of both patient and lateral care specialist
  • patients have the option of booking appointments as per their time and availability
  • appointment reminders to all parties involved via mails, msgs and system reminders
  • patient care summaries and case records can be accessed by selected parties.
  • Via our proprietary multidirectional informational flows, achieve real time dynamic updates about patient information.
Secure dashboards for PCP and Lateral care Specialists
  • PCP can share Selective EHR and treatment information with the lateral care specialist on selective basis.
  • PCP and lateral care specialist can now facilitate patient triage and coordinate virtual care based on immediate needs and symptoms and improve overall treatment outcomes.
Facilitated Diagnostic Partner Care
  • With Healtinfinit's Virtualized care platform both PCP and lateral care specialist can now leverage the power of Healtinfinit's diagnostic alliance partners for home based collection of blood tests.
  • Both PCP and lateral care specialist can prescribe tests for the concerned patient , which will be seamlessly facilitated by our diagnostic partners via their collection infrastructure.
  • And the results will be updated from their end which will be accessible to all treating specialists in real time.

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