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A new vision of wellness is emerging with a holistic way of looking at health. A type of healing with modern lifestyle choices and powerful health changes. Natural self-healing style of living where self-care matters every single day.

For example, wellness is not just the opposite of illness, but it is rather “a state of physical, mental and social well being—not just the absence of DISEASE.” This provides a more holistic view of people’s wellbeing at all ages and is essential to maintain good health for all. There is a change of perspective as far as health is concerned, which is mainly based on insights from ancient traditions where healing and spirituality are linked.

These ancient health care tools, like teachings, practices, and rituals provide us with new ways to have understanding between the body and mind. Our body and mind, as well as our attitudes and behaviours, are, in fact, an important part of healthcare and one of the most important elements of the self-healing process.

Our body, mind and emotions are part of one system put together and when we influence one of it, all the others are affected.. Whatever point we begin from - whether it’s our body, our thoughts, our feelings or our emotions - we can change the totality of our system. Our body has the ability to physically and emotionally heal ourselves.

It means that when we activate our body in a positive or negative way, it can have a positive or negative effect on our mind. And whatever emotional responses we have, affect what we do and say and how we behave. When we are tired or unwell, we are less likely to be creative or we remain calm. Or, when we are emotionally depressed or down, our activity may reflect how we feel.

Changing our actions, thoughts and feelings; experiencing happiness in ourselves; and making our lives more positive is what is required for self-healing. They are learned skills that come when we realize that we can change our health, and there is something we can do about it. Taking the time to pay attention to our health makes us become active on our way to self-healing.

This is what natural self-healing should look like :

· Deciding to create successful new routines and activating them

· Exercising, sleeping more regularly, reducing stress, going out in nature and developing mind-body skills

· Learning to meditate, practicing breathing, focusing the senses and simply appreciating oneself more and more.

Finding new ways of natural self-healing that engage our body, mind and lifestyle means finding our own style of practice that makes us feel healthy and happy. And through sustained and committed efforts, we may achieve a revolution of creating both personal change and healing the society as a whole.

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